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Dave Levitan


December 2009 - M.A. in Journalism with a certificate in Science, Health and Environmental Reporting from New York University

May 2003 - B.A. in English from Haverford College

I grew up outside of Boston, MA, before leaving for the Philadelphia area. At Haverford College I spent two years straddling the fence between the English and physics departments, but a natural allergy to math and a desire to make abstract and unprovable points about Oscar Wilde ended that dilemma.

After graduation I worked as an assistant editor and then staff writer for Orthopedics Today, a trade publication run by Slack, Inc. Starting early in 2005, I worked as a freelancer for numerous medical trade publications as well as doing several web design projects.

In 2008 I came to New York for graduate school, and received a degree in science journalism. Since then, I have covered energy policy and technology, other environmental issues and health topics for a variety of outlets. Now back in the Philly area, I spend my non-writing time imagining dealing with the awesome mostly annoying dogs I will soon now have.